Starting up a new practice

Everything you need to know about starting a new practice is here. Start with the “The ultimate guide to starting your own practice” and go from there.

Independent Contracting vs Employing

According to the Internal Revenue Service, there are only two employment types: independent contractors (1099-employees) and regular employees (W-2 employees). Who pays which taxes is determined by this legal distinction. […]


Types of mental health organizations

There are several types of mental health organizations employing psychotherapists. Many of these organizations are built by, managed, or owned by mental health providers.  In this article, I will look […]


Avoidable partnership issues

When people form a partnership, there are always issues to work through. We have all heard the saying, “taking a business partner is like taking a marriage partner” and it […]


Mandatory owner’s skills

The owner’s skills will determine if a solo practice grows. Sometimes this is hard to face, but the organization will take on the character of the founder. There really is […]