Managing Marketing

Business success relies on managing marketing all of the time, whether busy or not. Unfortunately we often ignore consistent marketing until we do not have enough referrals to keep ourselves busy. Only then does the urgency of consistent marketing break through. Here are many post about how to simplify marketing and create methods for consistently keeping everyone in your organization focused on marketing opportunities.

Developing Referrer Relationships

Whenever a clinician makes contact with a new referral person, that clinician becomes the point person for our relationship with that referrer. I am using the term “point person” in […]


Creating demand by marketing

Practices succeed when they market services to the community they reside in a consistent, congruent, and appealing way. But creating demand by marketing does not come natural to many of […]


Finding the right psychotherapy markets

We have three major markets psychotherapy markets in the mental health field: potential clients, potential clients’ trusted advisors, and insurance companies. We need to connect with each of these in order […]