Managing is a big part of what a practice owner does every day. This includes things like: growth, crises, self, the various essential daily tasks, managing staff, culture, and community, as well as you brand, marketing, numbers and finance, and then your leadership team.

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Therapist pay in private practice

In private practice, therapist pay is rarely based on a salary. Rather all private practices sell a service, usually psychotherapy or psych testing, to the public and collect payment for […]


Understanding staff complaints

Staff complain and managers listen. But understanding staff complaints and then properly interpreting them is one of the key things that good manager do. Over the years, I have noticed […]


Developing Referrer Relationships

Whenever a clinician makes contact with a new referral person, that clinician becomes the point person for our relationship with that referrer. I am using the term “point person” in […]


Partnership challenges

“Taking a business partner is like taking a marriage partner.” Partnerships can be very rewarding. They can also be loads of trouble. It is good to think about potential problems […]


Mandatory owner’s skills

The owner’s skills will determine if a solo practice grows. The owner must be a good therapist with a good reputation, be willing to get out into the community for […]


Managing leadership

I remember the moment when I realized that I needed to form a leadership team. We needed to have a regular schedule of meetings to discuss things. We had just […]