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A marketing video on a practice-wide marketing system

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This marketing video lays out some of the details of how we developed a systematic way of marketing a mental health practice to the community. It includes a low-key method of holding each other accountable.

Maybe we are slow learners but it took us 20 years of mistakes to figure it out. In the end, we have used this method for over 15 years and it has led to consistent growth. The method consistently keeps marketing activity at the forefront of our minds.

This video is seven-minutes long.

In this marketing video, I lay out how to do this quarterly plan which is then emailed to all the clinical staff. The steps are these:

  • Each clinician begins by defining what types of clients they want more of
  • Then they determine who are the referrers for those types of clients
  • Next, they define marketing activities that are comfortable and cast the therapist in a good light. That activity becomes one bullet point for the next quarter.
  • They write this up in a quarterly Community Connectin Plan
  • They email it to their other colleagues

At the end of the quarter, they are creating a new Community Connection Plan and updating the old one.

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