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Daily business demand #2: Providing therapy

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When we meet with a client, i.e., when we are providing therapy, we are offering a service. And clients are purchasing that service. There is a commercial transaction that is part of the experience.

And like all commercial transactions, how the customer feels about that experience is likely to affect their choices to continue or not. There are aspects of doing therapy that either help build a practice or hinder it. And if we can incorporate some of the lessons from any commercial transaction, our clients will have a more positive experience.

When we do it the right way, then clients are more likely to stay, and the practice will grow. And since therapy brings in the fees we need for a business to run, this is pretty important. Fortunately, most of us do therapy pretty well. We just need to add some tweaks to what we already know.

Therapy tips that help us grow

We know some ways of conducting therapy that helps our clients engage with therapy. For example, clients stick in therapy better when they have a regular appointment slot. And they feel more comfortable when knowing what to expect each session. The more consistency, the better.

Furthermore, the client should feel they are an active participant in the process of goal setting. Moreover, one of the fundamental questions that will determine the outcome is whether the client felt heard in each session.

In the following documents, I outline ways to provide therapy that keep clients happy.

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And additionally, we need to do these things to support providing therapy, the daily and weekly demands:

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