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Yes, I consult with practice owners and managers

Since I opened this site in April 2018, readers ask about consulting on practice-related issues. In fact, I have consulted locally with practice owners for more than a decade and now across the country. In all those conversations I see how much the owner/manager benefits by having someone in your corner who has lived in that role for nearly 40 years.

Now that I am retired from running my practice and teaching in graduate programs (click here for more on my background) I have even more flexibility than ever. Give it a try.

So how do I start?

Usually, practice owners or managers begin by emailing me. We then set up a free call.

FREE 20-minute consultation

This gives both of us a chance to see if we fit well. If so, then we set up another time to begin the consultations.

One-on-one phone consultation for $200 per hour
Owners and managers use this option in 2 ways:

  • Some want an “as needed” sort of arrangement
  • Some want to have a regular schedule of appointments

Either way is fine by me. We can sort it out as we go along. I charge the same hourly fees either way.

Business Plan Review without financial analysis for $450
Here’s a chance to have one’s Start-up or Business Plan reviewed by an expert. This is especially useful both in the early and late stages of planning.

Business Plan Review with financial analysis for $750

This option is for practices with a track record of a few years who may find themselves in some difficulty. Financial data often provides useful insights into getting back on track.

All these interactions are totally confidential, of course.


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