Value and exiting

Adding Value and Exiting from Ownership

In this section, we look at two interconnected aspects of practice building:

  • How to add value to your practice so that is more robust, stable, and resilient
  • How to actually sell it to another owner who will carry on

Each post examines a part of the process and then breaks it down into small, more manageable steps. And when we put together all the pieces, major changes can occur.

“Building value” articles:

Build a More Valuable Practice by Focusing on Profit
Build a More Valuable Practice by Nurturing Next-Gen Leaders
Standardizing Everything and Cross-training Everyone Adds Practice Value
Build a More Valuable Practice by Shrinking the Owner's Role
Build a More Valuable Practice by Diversifying Referral Streams

“How to sell” articles:

Selling a practice: How they become assets and how to maximize their value
How to sell your practice: Finding the next owner of your practice
How to sell a mental health practice: What is the process?
How to finance the sale of a mental health practice
How to estimate the value of a mental health business
How to sell: Getting you and your practice ready

Building value

How to sell