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David Norton, PhD, LMFT has seen it all. He has worked in not-for-profits, partnerships and as a solo practitioner. Eventually he grew his practice to one with 40 therapists working in 3 locations, providing nearly 35,000 sessions per year. This website summarizes much of what he has learned as a therapist and mental health practice owner.

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David Norton

Meet David

I began building a mental health private practice in 1983. Currently this same private practice employs over 40 active clinicians and 10 support staff working in 3 different communities providing close to 35,000 hours of therapy per year. And truly what I am most proud of is the collective impact we have had on the communities we serve. I believe that our organization is changing our local world, one hour at a time. While I did not understand much about building a practice when I started, the results I’ve experienced are so gratifying that I want to share as much as I know with you. My hope is that you might have a similar impact in your community and experience the joy of building a strong and successful organization. Let me know how it goes. More >

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Grow Our Practice is a fantastic resource for both early-career and senior clinicians seeking to build their therapy practice. Dr. David Norton is a master clinician and a seasoned businessman. Like everything he does, this website is well-conceived, elegantly executed and easy to navigate, and full of wise and invaluable content. Two phrases leap to mind: thoroughly generous and endlessly helpful. Dig in, stop recreating the wheel, and get rolling!

Kelly Flanagan, PhD—Cofounder of Artisan Clinical Associates and author of Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life